Monday, March 12, 2018


We participated in MLK Day on again this year. While we do get a day OFF school, we choose to treat it like a day ON and complete service projects. St. George's is amazing to offer a wide and diverse range of service activities for our families.

This year we made fleece tie blankets for homeless shelters. This was a great project that any group of people can do together. All you need is a little fleece and some nimble fingers.

After measuring and cutting two pieces of fleece, you stack the material, cut 2-inch slits all the way around the perimeter of the blanket, twist, and tie! 

More importantly, I hope these boys saw that spending a day off of school can change how we see the world. While sleeping in late and watching TV all day under a blanket is nice every now and then, MLK day needs to be something bigger. Living his mission by helping people less fortunate than us is a great way to honor him and his legacy.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


In Memphis our coldest months are always January and February. We've also been known to get some snow flurries in March. So when the winter weather advisories start rolling in, Memphis freaks!

The boys gave their best effort in preparation of snow. PJs inside out, spoons under pillows, and ice cubes in toilets!

We had two rounds of winter weather that flanked MLK day. The first round brought us straight ice. Even this experienced Memphian knew not to drive on that stuff. The second round brought us inches of the fluffy white stuff! Real SNOW!!

We also got to have some true sledding adventures!

And no snow day would be complete without some Sno-cream and hot chocolate! Mommy's hot chocolate had a little splash of something extra.

We love our snow days!!! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 - The year of...

· T W E N T Y  S E V E N T E E N ·

Twenty Seventeen you brought us some good times and some bad times.
You were the year of

 our only first DISNEY trip
Sports for both guys
Luke making a big decision
The loss of our matriarch
A trip to Vegas and Nashville and Reelfoot
One alligator and one camel

And a whole lot more.

Happy New Year everyone! Praying 2018 is the best yet!

Ringing in 2018!!!

We were BLESSED to ring in the new year with some great friends and excited kiddos!

We had all the necessary party supplies, even though I was regretting the blowers about 3 seconds after I heard them. The balloons, on the other hand, were the biggest hit of the night!

 Planning on BLOWIN UP 2018! (so corny....)

The kiddos started by decorating sugar cookies. Sadly, I started feeling really really bad right around this time. So bad, I couldn't even be around the cookies and icing. But the other mommas rallied and helped with all the decorating! Not sure if more icing ended up on the cookies or in the kiddo's mouths!

I rallied for the big balloon drop at 9pm! The kiddos had so much fun dropping that we replayed our countdown about seven times!

So thankful to bring in 2018 with these mommas! When you find good people, do whatever it takes to keep them by your side! I think this will be my New Year's Resolution for 2018

And of course this guy. Nothing would be possible without him. 22 New Year's Eves together and I pray we have twice as many more left for us! Here's to US in 2018 babe.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Ice Ice Baby - roadtrip!

John took off the week after Christmas this year. Since the boys and I had A LOT of quality time prior to Christmas, John and I decided to change it up a bit. We took a quick day trip to Nashville!

Apologies to anyone I wasn't able to see in Nashville while we were there. We literally were in Nashville for 24 hours!

When we got in town we met up with Annie, Greg, and their two boys who are the same age as Luke. After lunch, we didn't see the boys for about 2 hours...or when they got hungry for a snack! It was great for them to run off some energy after a 3 hour car drive. They literally were gone and playing so long that I didn't get one single picture of them! But I got the picture that did matter!

We then headed to Heather and Shane's house to meet up with their family! Their girls were SUPER excited to host 'the boys'.

On Friday we headed out to ICE at Gaylord Opryland. We couldn't leave without a proper breakfast, some snuggle time, and a little art session.

ICE was COOOOLD! It contains TWO MILLION pounds of colorful ice sculptures kept at a chilly 9 degrees. NINE. My southern blood is too thin!

See if you can find Luke and Evan! LOL!
The sculptures tell the story of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Luke has been obsessed with everything Charlie Brown Christmas this year. He even heard Hark the Herald Angels sing and excitedly told me, "Mommy mommy!! I know this song! It's from Charlie Brown Christmas!!"

The visit ends with a beautiful nativity scene is crystal clear ice. I really wanted to take a lot of pictures of that, but my hands were so cold!!

There was a 2 story ice slide that Luke went down twice. I sent Evan ahead because he was cold. By the time Luke got down the second time, I really couldn't feel most of my extremities! We still had about half of the exhibit to go, but my picture taking reduced dramatically.

When we got done Luke exclaimed, "This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!!"  

We also went ice tubing. And by WE, I mean, the boys. And by the boys, I mean Evan. Luke is not my risk taker. He'll try most things with his brother by his side, but if he decides he doesn't like it, you can't talk him into doing it again. After his one trip down, he put up his tube so fast, I didn't even get a picture!

But this guy could have gone for hours!

We did a little more walking around the hotel, but by the end of the afternoon, both youngest were melting before our very eyes. Thankfully after 32 years of friendship, melting 3 and 7 year old can't phase us! See how calm and unphased we are?!?

Luke slept the ENTIRE three hours back to Memphis. To say he was tired is an understatement. He was exhausted! But I always think that is the sign of a good trip...even if it was only 24 hours!