Sunday, November 26, 2017

A different kind of Thanksgiving

This year we had a different kind of Thanksgiving. Normally our house is bustling with people, activity, busyness, and a lot of wine (that didn't really change...)

This year the rest of the Asbells went to Orlando. David and his 4 siblings haven't all been together in five years, so they decided to spend Thanksgiving together. We decided to stay close to home this year instead of traveling to Florida.

It really was just what we needed. After one of the busiest fall seasons ever, if not the entire year, our family needed these five days to slow down and go unscheduled.

It allowed me to focus on the 'right now' rather than the 'what next'. 

We started the long break by celebrating this man right here! Doesn't 81 look great on him! Jed is such a huge part of our family and we always enjoy celebrating him on his birthday!

We, and by we I mean me, signed up to pet sit the guinea pigs from the JK classroom at Memphis. The boys have been asking for guinea pigs for a couple years. I decided this might be a good test run. What I didn't think would happen was they would grow on me. There really were the sweetest little pigs. I don't think I am ready to pooper scoop every other day just yet. Plus cleaning out their cage is a little labor-intensive, so pet sitting was perfect for us.

John said since we weren't having house guests, I had to find another way to fill up our house.

I didn't take a lot of pictures on Thanksgiving. To be real and honest, it was because I let the boys chose their own clothes. Both were in activewear, and I was pouty about it. I told them, you don't even have to wear a collared shirt, but in the end, the fight wasn't worth it. 

John and I started in activewear as well to get 3 miles in before the turkey!

And this tells you a little bit about my oldest, Evan. He saw I was pouting and upset, so he goes upstairs to change. Sigh...this boy is going to make a fabulous husband someday. After seeing this and feeling guilty, I said, "OH E, you didn't have to change. I am sorry I was pouting about your clothes." He said, "Mom, I just want to make you happy."

We had a great dinner with too much good food, great wine, and tons of laughter (mostly at Pawpaw Charlie's sunken cake). I even succeeded to eat my first gluten-free Thanksgiving. Man did I miss the dressing though.

Thanksgiving weekend also means we get to decorate for Christmas!! The boys love this as much as I do, but I seem to do most of the work. Their favorite part is putting ornaments on the tree. 

My type A personality had to take a deep breath because every ornament was at 4 feet, the height of my children. After showing the kids how to step back and find all the holes, they really made the tree beautiful. 

On Saturday Luke was invited by Colleen to join her on the double decker bus! The Collierville Double Decker bus traveled from the mall to the town square in honor of small business Saturday. 

This year was exactly the type of Thanksgiving we needed. I got to slow down and focus on the three people who mean the most to me. 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Fall Athletes

We had two little fall athletes in our house this year. Luke wanted to play soccer and Evan stuck with his favorite, baseball.

This wasn't Luke's first time to play soccer. It was actually his third. The first time Luke didn't even complete the season. It was a disaster. The second time I was his coach. That was probably a disaster in most people's eyes, but we he made it through the whole season.

This year Luke played with some other SGIS 1st grade boys. To say these boys had a blast is an understatement. This season was so much fun and Luke learned a whole lot about the game of soccer. He was coach by one of his bestie's mom and dad.

 Water breaks are important and sitting in Miss Lynne's chair with your friend who shares your name is mandatory!

Luke scored a couple goals this season. We were super proud of his hard work and dedication during the game. Of course a bribe never hurts...

The Gryphons!

Evan played Fall Baseball this year with Coach Dee and Coach Paul again. I really can't explain how amazing these two coaches are for my kid. They had a great season. Evan played all over the field. He still loves outfield but got some experience with the infield this year too. He even tried his hand at pitching and was really good!

We have so many A's hats, even I can wear one to support the team.

 Putting in the work!
His favorite thing to do in the backyard with dad.

Now you want to talk about cool. There is a coach on his team that while the game is going on will update this app so you can see everything real time! While I was in Vegas and Boston, I was able to follow along with the game. When we were in Vegas we even got the bartender, Steve, involved. He would come back every so often checking on 'little slugger'. Technology is so cool!

I love my kids want to be a part of a team. This age should be all about learning the game, learning how to respect coaches and umpires, but most importantly, how to play on a team. Go A's! Go Gryphons!


Halloween is met with almost as much enthusiasm as Christmas around here! Decorating for Halloween takes longer than decorating for Christmas!!

Luke found his costume early in October. Evan waffled between a half zombie/half human or half vampire/half human or something else his creative brain could come up with that I couldn't even picture. It finally got to the point that Halloween was here so he just picked something from our costume drawer. Yes, we have a costume drawer.

We met up with some friends and to our surprise, one of Evan's BFFs was dressed as StayPuff! The perfect complement to Evan's Ghostbuster!
The crew

On our way to school, we heard a radio personality talk about which type of candy they were going to look for at all the houses. Everyone in the car had their opinion about which Halloween candy was their favorite. Each and every house Luke went to, he looked for a kit-kat. If he found one, he came running down to the street with the same excitement each time exclaiming, "MOM!! I got a kit-kat!!" It was equally hysterical and adorable at the same time. 
About halfway through the houses, I told him to look for me some Reese's cups. He was then a man on a mission.

 There is enough candy in this house to last until next Halloween.

The night ended with our legs aching, our bellies full of sugar, and our cheeks sore from smiling and laughing with friends. As I put the boys to bed, Luke leaned in really close and said, "Mommy. Can I have an extra 'I love you' since I got your some Reese's Cups?" He gets me. He really really gets me.


She was our matriarch. 

She was the definition of strength. 

She walked and lived by faith and faith alone. 

She loved dominos second only to her family, whom she was fiercely loyal to. 

She had told hilarious stories and mailed her insurance check to Iowa. 

She survived. She survived because it was the only way she knew how to live.

We love you Mamaws. Rest in His arms.