Saturday, January 5, 2019

Goodbye 2018

2018 - we won't forget ya. You brought us
A couple Pinewood Derby winners
A LOT of drumming and some amazing dancing
One kookaburra and one fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar
A super citizen
A glorious beach vacation
An 80th surprise and time with cousins
A lesson about being tough
and a whole lot more...



We are so lucky to have a lot family in town and be able to celebrate Christmas with everyone. We miss our out of town family, but love see everyone we can.

Christmas Eve was at Gran and Jed's house this year. They made a yummy dinner and then we got to tear into presents!

We even got to FaceTime the McAlexanders while we were there!

We came home and sat cookies and milk out for Santa and everyone turned in for a good night's rest.


We spent the afternoon at Grandmom and Papa Charlie's house where there was more food and more presents!

And no Christmas would be complete without the annual bow pictures! This year the bows had a mind of their own!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Little Drummer Boy

This Christmas Evan got to show off his drumming skills two different times. He was a literal Little Drummer Boy!

3rd and 5th have a Christmas program each year. Third graders get to wear their cottas and 5th graders perform the nativity scene. This year Evan was cast as .... yup, A Little Drummer Boy. There are several drummers in the 5th grade. Boys that have been drumming since SK or before! These three boys played wonderfully!

And of course, Evan had a big cheering always.

The other performance was kind of sprung on him. As most of you know, we are very involved at The Stirring. We have been planning our Christmas service for a couple months. At rehearsal, the band practiced a very rock and roll version of Little Drummer Boy. We've heard this version at several churches around town during Christmas.

Rehearsal was on a Thursday. Saturday I was joking with John and Hal and said, "Hey - wouldn't it be funny if Evan was an actual little drummer boy on Sunday?"
All three guys went for it. When I asked Evan if he would want to do it, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hey E, do you want to play on Little Drummer Boy at church this Sunday?
E: How many people will be there?
Me: Ummmm...well....(knowing it would be in the thousands)
John: About 500.
E: Well, I played at the Talent Show in front of that many people, so sure!

Photo courtesy of Disciple Design

John practiced with Evan and Hal rehearsed the song 2 or 3 times. There ended up being 2,800 people there, and he rocked it. All photos below were taken by my friend and fabulous photographer Craig Thompson of Disciple Design and Disciple Photo. We are so proud of our little drummer boy!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

You know it's not all about Santa...

This little one never fails to surprise me. The way his brain works astonishes me. He is always thinking.

He is quite the introvert. During the school year, we don't get a lot out of him when he is at home. As an introvert, he has spent almost every ounce of energy during his 9.5 hours at school. #workingmomproblems So when we get home we get a lot of one-word answers. I get took me a while to get it, but I get it. He's an introvert. He needs a while to recharge.

When we have full days together, he does a lot of talking. I mean a lot.

One day he looked at me and said, "Mom, you know Christmas isn't all about Santa, right?" I told him I thought I knew that but to help me understand better.

He launches into a very detailed about the 'reason for the season'. I keep very quiet which for anyone who knows me knows that was difficult. I let him explain the miraculous birth that happened so many years ago and the baby that was sent down to save us.

When he got done, I guess he is used to me talking more than listening. He looked at me with his little head cocked to one side and said, "You get it?"

Yes, Luke, I get it. I am so glad you get it too.

Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas from the Asbells!

Last year I explained how much I love Christmas cards. I still do. There is a lot of work that goes into it, but being able to thumb through the years of Christmas cards and see all our friends and families grow up just hits that nostalgic button for me.

Eight years of collecting cards. Eight years of us sending cards.

In years' past, I have always had a slight panic when it comes to taking the Christmas card picture. This year was no different. I panicked without much action. I would just casually say to John, "Oh my goshhhhh, I haven't even taken the Christmas card picture yet," and then go about our day with no plans to actually take the picture. Effective, I know.

One day as I had just sat down to read a book John pokes his head in the room and says, " would be a really good day to get the picture." Cue internal freakout. But where will we go? What will they wear? Before I could even UTTER a single one of these worries out loud, John interjects with "and I have their clothes already laid out. I bet a picture by the tree would be good."

Wait. Where is my freak out moment? Where is my panic?

It takes about 15 minutes from start to finish to get the boys dressed and capture the picture I want. Maybe they are just getting older and it's not as hard to wrangle them. Maybe I am getting older and I understand the picture doesn't have to be perfect. Maybe it was just the perfect day and perfect time with the perfect husband to remind me to just do it.

But my favorite part is always the outtakes. Evan was trying to get Luke to adjust his head so he didn't have 6 chins which causes a lot of laughter from all of us.

It didn't take long to get the perfect picture of these imperfect boys. What I do know is they are perfect for me!

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